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We must stop the flow of illegal aliens across both our northern and southern borders. Open borders are a threat to our national security and to our economy.

We must allow willing states (like Arizona) to protect the health, safety, and welfare of their citizens, and use our own military to protect our border. If a wall is our only option, then we should build it immediately.

Our illegal immigration and border security problems are among the greatest challenges facing our country today. The continued refusal to enforce our nation’s current laws has created a crisis on our border, eroded our nation’s rule of law, and put the safety and security of Americans across the nation in jeopardy.

I have always adamantly opposed illegal immigration, blanket amnesty, or any other reward to those who have intentionally and knowingly broken our nation’s immigration laws. Since the onset of President Obama’s lawless executive actions, I would tirelessly work to fight against  the administration’s unlawful, unwise, and unconstitutional executive amnesty plan.

As a proud Texan, I understand the need to reform our broken immigration system. An effective immigration plan must first secure our borders, strengthen interior enforcement, protect our nation’s rule of law, and prosecute and deport criminal aliens in the United States.

I would be proud to work with Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to support the strictest interior enforcement bill in the House that will protect American lives from criminal alien violence. In response to the policies of sanctuary cities such as San Francisco, and the rise of illegal aliens committing criminal activities. I would join with Senator Sessions in support of the House companion to the Protecting American Lives Act. This legislation closes the most dangerous immigration enforcement loopholes by putting an end to sanctuary cities and establishing a mandatory minimum jail time for illegal immigrants.

The future of our country depends on the actions we take today and the American people are counting on us to act to protect our country and secure our future. South Texans, and all Americans, deserve nothing less.

Committee to Elect Jerry Hall For Congress
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